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We are closing shop this summer! Final markdowns start 8/1/22. All sales final. We are closing shop this summer! Final markdowns start 8/1/22. All sales final.

The Micro-Factory

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The Micro-Factory
During our recent trip to Portland, Oregon we got to see where Make it Good, well, makes everything good. It's a small factory where they screen print, cut, sew, and package their designs. I popped in on an unusually quiet Monday, but did get to witness them blocking the fabric to cut the Sails Spaghetti Strap Dress and check out all the different machines. It is amazing how each machine has a specific purpose and the many steps involved in making one garment. 

A large table is centered in the room for cutting. The garment pieces are cut after the fabric has been dyed (off-site), screen printed, and dried.  
Make it Good micro-factory

Screened and ready-to-cut fabric for their housewares and accessory company

Patterns with Spring samples in the background. 

A custom tool was built to make screening large pieces possible with one person. 

Here the back of the Marine Rain Dress from the Fall 2015 is getting rained on. 
Make it Good Screen Print

After screening, the fabric goes in the large conveyor dryer. 


Once the printing is complete and each pattern piece is cut, the garments are sewn into the tops, dresses, sweatshirts, and leggings you see in our shop. 

The Spring Collection available at Dandelion Post.

Tropical Leaves Spaghetti Strap Dress

Tropical Leaves Spaghetti Strap Dress


Charcoal Parachute Racer Back Tank


Sails Scoop Neck dress

Sails Scoop Dress


Tropical Leaves Tank 


Sails Blush Scoop Blouse


Summer Ferns Blush Shift Dress


Summer Ferns Sweatshirt




Canvas Top


Coming soon... Sails Scoop Dress in Ash


photos from Make it Good