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3rd Season + Dandelion Post Collab

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3rd Season + Dandelion Post Collab

The Movement Collection

3rd Season Designs is one of the first brands I brought into Dandelion Post. I met Alycia and Mabel at a Renegade Craft Fair and fell in love with their textile designs. I was so excited to get the opportunity to create a collection with them. Truth be told, most of the creative power came from them, but the Movement Collection concept was created through conversations we had last year, just as Covid cases were ramping up and Dandelion Post and myself had just moved across the country. Everyone was experiencing life shifts. Everyone was figuring out how to move forward with so many unknowns. 

Put more eloquently by 3rd Season: Subtle movements are observed in this collection through incremental shifts in color and time. Natural blending occurs, further blurring the overlapping shapes between each color. Our collective understanding that change is constant parallels our need to keep moving in a forward direction. Continuous repetition of individual graphed lines becomes part of a large print layered with a field of color. Negative lines become positive, pushing the boundaries where discovery is endless.


handpainted shorts and duster

Indie Shorts + Duster

handpainted shirt dress

Cassidy Shirt Dress (comes with optional belt)

handpainted shirt top

Eddy Shirt Top

handpainted skirt and top