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Give Back Program

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Give Back Program

When faced with closing our shop because of shelter-in-place we joined the Together Apart Alliance as a way to give back a portion of sales to Feeding America, while also striving to sustain our own small business by offering a discount to encourage shopping.

Our shop alone was able to donate 3000 meals through Feeding America during this campaign!

When I first opened the shop in 2015 part of my mission was to give back a portion of sales to organizations fighting for equality for all, women's rights, and environmental protection. Over the past 5 years we have donated portions of our sales with small campaigns, but nothing consistently simply because we operate on very small margins. Now I figure a small impact is better than no impact at all. Starting in June 2020 we will be making a bigger commitment!

We will donate 5% of sales to different organizations each season. You will be able to see the list of organizations in the footer of our website.