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Lisa Ostapinski - Encaustic Painting

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Lisa Ostapinski - Encaustic Painting

Available at Dandelion Post October 2017-January 2018.

Come see with the option to purchase works by Lisa Ostapinski.  An Oakland-based artist and art educator, she uses encaustic (beeswax) painting techniques as well as oil paint marbling with a wide array of mixed media including metal leaf, oil paint, xerox transfers, antique lace, beadwork and embroidery. Her current work explores themes of magic, sacred geometry, decoration and the beauty of natural forms. You can keep up with her work and exhibitions on Instagram @honeycombdaughter or on her website

What is encaustic? How are these paintings made? Is it real gold?
Encaustic painting is painting with melted beeswax; there is no canvas, gesso or any acrylic materials involved. The beeswax is melted, pigment is mixed in and this mixture is fused to a wood panel with heat. A variety of techniques and materials are added on top including metal leaf, oil paint and marbling as well as materials embedded into the surface while the wax is hot. Some of these materials include vintage and antique dress fragments. No, it is not real gold; it is gold metal leaf. Sometimes Lisa does not seal the gold leaf because the oxidation over time creates beautiful hues of gold; if you prefer the metal leaf sealed Lisa can do this.

Lisa Ostapinksi Encaustic painting

 Lisa Ostapinksi marble paintingLisa Ostapinksi marble and gold leaf artLisa Ostapinksi marble and gold leaf on paperLisa Ostapinski encaustic paintingLisa Ostapinksi encaustic paintingLisa Ostapinksi encaustic paintingLisa Ostapinksi encaustic paintingLisa Ostapinksi encaustic painting tryptique