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Studio Visit with Mira Blackman

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Studio Visit with Mira Blackman

It's so fun to see where things are made! I met with Mira Blackman to pick up some indigo tops and vests for the shop and she gave me a tour of her studio. She shares the space with other creatives and they have collectively established a relaxing vibe, which is very fitting for Mira's warm personality and thoughtful wears she makes. Here is a look inside her space plus a Q&A about her and her brand.

Mira Blackman Studio - West Oakland Studio

Mira Blackman Sudio - sewing indigo jacket

Mira Blackman Studio - Rack of Indigo tops and jackets

Mira Blackman Studio - Indigo and Ikat textiles

Mira Blackman Studio - Indigo top pattern

Mira Blackman Studio - Indigo jacket - pink wall decor

Mira Blackman - Oakland, California fashion designer


Q & A with Mira Blackman

You work with heritage textiles most of which are indigo. Why do you like to work with these fabrics?

To me these textiles provide an important link with our history. Originally all fabric was handwoven but over time fabric production has become mechanized to save times and money. The problem with that is that it cuts people out of the production cycle, jobs are lost and so are traditional arts.
How do you stay motivated to create?
That's a good question. At this point I feel luck to have a community of creatives and textile lovers. If I'm feeling unmotivated I take a little break and try to find some inspiration. That could be on the interwebs, on a walk, or having a coffee with a friend.

What do you like to do when you are not sewing, looking at web analytics, and doing indie fairs? 
I'm a nature girl. I love hiking, swimming in freshwater lakes & rivers, picking blackberries and attempting to remember all of the plant names I've forgotten since moving to the city.

What are your hopes and dreams for the Mira Blackman label?
I hope my label becomes synonymous with high quality, handmade and ethical fashion.  

You mentioned your husband is a musician by night. Do you two have any favorite Oakland spots where you like to listen to bands?
We like La Pena a lot, we just went to the Sound Room the other night and that was really sweet. The New Parish and Starline Social Club always have great events too.

Serious questions. Milk or dark chocolate? Pizza or Tacos? Coffee or Tea? Cats or Dogs?
Cats (I really like dogs too though!)