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We are closing shop this summer! Final markdowns start 8/1/22. All sales final. We are closing shop this summer! Final markdowns start 8/1/22. All sales final.

Dandelion Days

Studio Visit with Corinne Collection

Studio Visit with Corinne Collection

To truly appreciate the Corinne Collection, you need to touch and feel the fabric. Susan Kim, the owner and designer of Corinne, sources gloriously soft fabrics that are knitted in the USA using threads that are spun and dyed by a family-run Los Angeles, California mill. Each garment is then cut, sewn, and packed by Susan herself. It's no wonder why this carefully crafted brand has become a customer favorite. 

We had a chance to meet Susan at her new studio, located in a historic Los Angeles building, to view her 2018 Spring collection and ask a few questions about her and her brand. 

Corinne Collection Los Angeles Studio

Corinne Collection Los Angeles Studio

Corinne Collection Los Angeles Studio

Corinne Collection Los Angeles Studio

Corinne Collection Los Angeles Studio

Corinne Collection Los Angeles Studio

Corinne Collection designer

Q&A with Susan Kim

Your collections are made of locally-made knits. What made you decide to work with these fabrics? 

Before I started Corinne, I always gravitated towards clothing of higher quality fabric so when I went in search of sourcing for fabric, I found that the better quality knits were made locally. The cost for fabric was higher than fabric made in China but it just made sense to work with this fabric because I could not get over the quality.


What is your favorite piece in the Fall 2017 collection?

It definitely has to be the Devin Jumpsuit—I wear it so much that it is really embarrassing. 


What drove you to clothing design?

I was always creative and interested in art but found that clothing design was immensely gratifying in that it is constantly evolving and changing. 


Where does your label name, Corinne, come from?

Corinne means ‘beautiful maiden’ in French and in the Urban Dictionary it means the ‘best of the best and the girl you want to be’. I loved the meaning of the name and it had street cred so I knew I had to use Corinne as the label’s name. 


Living in Los Angeles must be fun, tell us what you like to do in your free time. Any favorite shops or food spots?

I work really long hours so I don’t go out very much but since my studio is in Downtown Los Angeles, I try to go to new places around the area. I recently found a place that has the best acai bowls called Om Nom Organics. Their Mystic Paleo - Black Magic has almond butter and toasted coconut granola that is absolutely amazing. And, Gentle Monster recently opened up their flagship not too far from my studio and it is just a dream to be in there.



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Studio Visit with 3rd Season Designs

Studio Visit with 3rd Season Designs

I first saw 3rd Season Designs at a Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco and immediately knew they would be a part of my store (of which didn't exist at the time). Their Cosmic Collection caught my eye within a sea of makers as something totally unique and special. Each season they push themselves using different techniques to create original textile designs. Then those cool textile prints are handmade in California into effortless and modern pieces, so you can wear a little piece of their art. 

Q&A with Mabel Martinez & Alycia Anthony of 3rd Season

How did you two meet and why did you decide to work together?

Alycia and I first met in college. We were both studying Fine Art and became best friends. We both share an obsession with textiles and all things fabric. We wanted to explore various traditional techniques while remaining influenced by our artistic foundation.

Can you describe the process for creating your textiles and collections?

When starting a new collection, we set aside special days that we call “Playtime”. We choose a couple of mediums or techniques to explore ideas that we have been gathering on our phones and notebooks. This part of the process is more exploration than anything else. From there, we focus on few to pursue further.

Tell us about your band name.

Our name symbolizes both of us being born in the 3rd season of the year and, starting our business during the 3rd decade of our lives – our 30’s.

How do you spend your free time?

Alycia plays the ukulele and is pretty good! I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. Together, we enjoy going to local gigs and art shows as well as traveling.

What was your inspiration for the new collection?

The inspiration for the Inverse Collection was a recent trip we took to South East Asia. Alycia is originally from Malaysia and we got to visit as well as take a Batik workshop in Malaysia and Indonesia. We developed our process of painting with hot wax and when we arrived back home, we recreated the workshop in our studio. The idea of “inverse” relates to the idea of the wax protecting the fabric versus covering when you paint directly using dyes.

What are the goals for 3rd Season?

We are in the beginning stages of launching a swimwear line for next summer and possibly adding some pieces for men. Still don’t know if it will make the cut but we love trying new things. We would love for 3rd Season to become a total lifestyle brand!

Any makers or designers you are infatuated right now?

We’re really into Paloma Wool and Samuji at the moment. We love the work and process of Cara Marie Piazza.

 Inside their Studio

Not too far from where I grew up, Mabel and Alycia design and make their modern textile driven collections in the cutest house in the Historic District of Pomona. On a recent visit home, I was able to connect with them to see their space in person. 

Textiles from their Inverse Collection.

3rd Season Designs

 I got a peak of the new designs before it launched. 

3rd Season Designs

What textile lover doesn't want more pillows?! These are made of fabrics from past collections. The woven bags were brought back from their South East Asia trip.

3rd Season Designs

A view of their workspace.

3rd Season Designs

Available at Dandelion Post

It's always hard to choose which items to bring into the shop. This season we have the Weekend Top available in the 'Strokes' and 'Words' prints and the Shift Dress in 'Words'.

3rd Season Design weekend top

3rd Season Designs Words Shift dress

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