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We are closing shop this summer! Final markdowns start 8/1/22. All sales final. We are closing shop this summer! Final markdowns start 8/1/22. All sales final.

Dandelion Days

Give Back Program

Give Back Program

When faced with closing our shop because of shelter-in-place we joined the Together Apart Alliance as a way to give back a portion of sales to Feeding America, while also striving to sustain our own small business by offering a discount to encourage shopping.

Our shop alone was able to donate 3000 meals through Feeding America during this campaign!

When I first opened the shop in 2015 part of my mission was to give back a portion of sales to organizations fighting for equality for all, women's rights, and environmental protection. Over the past 5 years we have donated portions of our sales with small campaigns, but nothing consistently simply because we operate on very small margins. Now I figure a small impact is better than no impact at all. Starting in June 2020 we will be making a bigger commitment!

We will donate 5% of sales to different organizations each season. You will be able to see the list of organizations in the footer of our website. 





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Studio Visit with PO-EM

Studio Visit with PO-EM

PO-EM is a creative collection of handmade textiles, wares and art by artist & designer Carla Venticinque-Osborn. Collections take inspiration from stories, poems, the hand's work, the animal gaze, storytelling through pattern, utility, and merging old things with new things. Every piece is intent on being genuine, and serves as an ode to the handmade.

Last summer I had the chance to go to New York to view the Spring/Summer collections for 2020. While I was there I took the subway to Brooklyn to visit the PO-EM studio. Owner and designer Carla Venticinque-Osborn showed me her newest collection (now available), let me take photos of her workspace, and recommended a great lunch spot, Five Leaves. One thing I've noticed from visiting designers in their workspace is the abundance of natural light. Carla's space has beautiful light and a cool exposed brick wall. 

Carla in her PO-EM studio

Carla works with artisans in India, Guatemala, and Mexico to produce her original textiles exploring traditional methods like block printing, weaving, and resist-dying. 

PO-EM Brooklyn Studio

The "Camo" print below was designed by Carla for her SS20 collection. She starts with art which is then turned into a block printed pattern. Block printing is when an artisan carves a design into a block to create a stamp. Then with ink applies that stamp to create a pattern on fabric. 

PO-EM Camo block print pattern

PO-EM is a sustainable brand producing via socially and environmentally positive channels of production. They use natural non-toxic dyes and materials and support  craftspeople-artisans-makers. Their artful clothing are also relaxed styles, reminding us to slow down in this world.  

PO-EM Brooklyn studio visit

Every studio needs a dog for inspiration:)

PO-EM puppy


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Together (Apart)

Together (Apart)

We've banded Together (Apart) with other small businesses to offer this sale while also giving back. Use discount code TOGETHERAPART for 20% off full priced items on our site and we will donate 5% of those sales to Feeding America

Here is a list of other participating small businesses:

Whimsy + Row // 20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
Hello!Lucky  // 20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America

back beat co.  // 20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
Sense of Shelf //  20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
Generation-C //  20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
Harper and Tucker //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America

Seven Trees  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
CLED  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
PROCLAIM  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
Jodie Guirey  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
POPLINEN  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
GIRL GANG THE LABEL  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America

DAL RAE  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America 
SEEK COLLECTIVE  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
UNTOLD REBEL // 15% OFF sitewide + 15% to Feed America

PINE AND SAPLING  //   20% OFF sitewide + 5% to Feeding America
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Cloth Face Masks

Cloth Face Masks

The CDC is now suggesting that all Americans wear cloth masks to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can see their recommendations and guidelines here. We will not be selling masks on our website, but many of the designers we work with and local makers are offering them for personal use and for donation. You can help support them and the sewers by purchasing masks directly from their websites.  

Groceries Apparel

Gravel & Gold

Taylor Jay


Back Beat Co. 

Adelle Stoll


Whimsy & Row


Kosa Arts

Lacson Ravello

Amy Kuschel


There are also multiple tutorials (sewing and non-sewing) on YouTube to make face masks. Stay safe!

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2019 Holiday Gift Ideas

Here are some of our favorites this season for gifts and stocking stuffers! These are all available in our Oakland brick and mortar shop. (See something you like, but it's not listed online? Just send us an email and we'll send a link for you to purchase.)

2019 holiday gift ideas

Layla bralette, Palo Santo Sticks, Brass Medallion Necklace, Marbled Ceramic Earrings, Lion Roll-on Perfume Oil, Tan Leather Belt Bag, Driftwood Quote. 

2019 gift ideas

O Horizon Scarf Bandana, Polymer Clay Earrings, Ceramic Pendant Necklace, Pink Bath Salts, Rose Geranium Soap, Brass Hair Pin, Clay Sweatshirt.

 2019 gift ideas

Oakmoss & Amber Diffuser, Moisture Riser Cream, Silver Leather Bi-fold Wallet, Cali Pin, Black Cropped Thermal, Tho Buffalo Horn Earrings, Clear Frame Sunglasses. 

2019 gift ideas

Tiz Olive Scarf, Bar Perfect Necklace, Peppermint Eucalyptus Lip Balm, Avocado Toast Earrings, Striped Slouch Socks, Coffee Crunch Chocolate Bar. 


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The Shop Sale

The Shops Sale poster

It's time for the bi-annual Shops Sale! This season we have teamed up with Head West Marketplace for a fun event that will take place at the Hangar 1 Distillery in Alameda. Look forward to discounted merchandise from local shops, local makers and artists booths, and food trucks in a cool setting with skyline views!

Saturday, October 19


Hangar 1 Distillery 

2505 Monarch Street, Alameda

free admission 

rsvp here

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Pop-up with 3rd Season Designs

Pop-up with 3rd Season Designs

3rd Season Pop-up


We are excited to have 3rd Season Designs at the shop again! This Los Angeles brand is focused on sustainable fabrics and textile designs that always amaze. They will be at the shop with their latest collection on July 20th during the 40th Street Block Party, so it's going to be a fun time!

 3rd Season Designs

3rd Season Designs

3rd Season Designs

3rd Season Designs


Q&A with Mabel Martinez & Alycia Anthony of 3rd Season

How did you two meet and why did you decide to work together?

Alycia and I first met in college. We were both studying Fine Art and became best friends. We both share an obsession with textiles and all things fabric. We wanted to explore various traditional techniques while remaining influenced by our artistic foundation.

Can you describe the process for creating your textiles and collections?

When starting a new collection, we set aside special days that we call “Playtime”. We choose a couple of mediums or techniques to explore ideas that we have been gathering on our phones and notebooks. This part of the process is more exploration than anything else. From there, we focus on few to pursue further.

Tell us about your brand name.

Our name symbolizes both of us being born in the 3rd season of the year and, starting our business during the 3rd decade of our lives – our 30’s.

How do you spend your free time?

Alycia plays the ukulele and is pretty good! I enjoy cooking and trying new recipes. Together, we enjoy going to local gigs and art shows as well as traveling.


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