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5% of our June & July sales will be donated to The East Oakland Collective and Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. 5% of our June & July sales will be donated to The East Oakland Collective and Ella Baker Center for Human Rights.

About Us

Dandelion Post Oakland California clothing boutique


421 40th Street, Oakland CA 
(510) 858-3742

Open Tuesday - Saturday 11a-6p by appointment.

Book 30 min. Shopping Appointments or Online order Pick-up appointments.

Schedule link is in our main menu.

Contact us at with any questions. 

Follow us at @dandelion_post on instagram.


Dandelion Post was founded in 2015 in Oakland, California. We source women’s clothing, accessories, and textiles with an emphasis on independent designers and socially conscious companies that showcase artistry, creativity, and craft. The Dandelion Post style is casually chic and free-spirited, with a rough edge or two. To this end, We carefully select every article in the shop with an eye towards quality, sophistication, and a little sense of humor. 

Owner Jaime is a maker at heart. She learned to sew at age seven, sparking a life-long interest in craft, design, and textiles. She will choose the humble chocolate chip cookie over any dessert unless there is a peanut butter cookie in the mix. Her oldest article of clothing is a fitted v-neck sweater that was once black and is now bluish. It's still in her closet because it is a timeless piece that once belonged to her mom. She is at the shop most days with shop dog Charlie. 


We do not have the capacity to add new brands at this time, so we are not accepting submissions. 

We are interested in small sustainable brands, local designers, and handmade goods. We prefer things to be produced ethically in the USA, but understand that some factories abroad include fair wage and sustainable practices as well. 

To have your brand considered please email the following information to

Include photos or a look book, line sheet, website link, instagram handle, and brand story. We want to know who is making the products and where.  

We get a high volume of submissions and are not always able to respond to everyone. Please do not send multiple emails. If we feel your brand is the right fit for the shop, we will get back to you.